About ditnac

The word “ditnac” is a combination of:

* Dichotomism = Black and white thinking, refusing to see nuances, an “either-or” mentality. To avoid it, try to see nuance and sliding scales.
* Identism = Mistaking the universe for revolving around you, your identity, your group. Includes the idea that something is true for other people or for the world itself simply because you believe it to be true. To avoid it, keep in mind that everybody has a point of view.
* Termism = mistaking words for being things in themselves rather than tooks for describing concepts and phenomena. Believing that something is or isn’t “a real word” or that a word has a meaning that is true in itself rather than true for you and some other people. To avoid it, use words as tools for understanding, not as “thought-terminating cliches”.
* Narrativism = Getting stuck in a supposedly true story, refusing to see facts and perspectives that doesn’t fit the narrative. To avoid it, remember that stories are stories. They can be more or less compatible with facts, but they are not – and should not be mistaken for – facts.
* Authorityism = The circular position that you are right because you and others can perceive you as being right, and vice versa. To avoid it, try to be humble. Accept your limitations, instead of overcompensating.
* Categorism = Prejudice, bigotry and discrimination and so on, based on a categorization of people. When the categorization is race/ethnicity, this specific focus of categorism is known as racism. When the focus is instead on gay people, the categorism is known as homophobia. To avoid it, battle your own categorism and avoid getting stuck in perceiving people as categories.

Read more about these concepts at http://www.categorism.com


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