About Blog & Author


I am Xzenu Cronström Beskow, and this is my English blog.
My other blog started in Swedish and later returned to that language, but was in English while I lived in Indonesia and a while after that. The English language posts of that blog can be found at http://xzenu.wordpress.com/category/english/

I also have two youtube channels, again split by language. The English channel can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/XCBeskow

Both blogs and both channels are simply me expressing my thoughts on various subjects, available for whoever might find them interesting. Some of the posts are intended for specific target audiences. Shared and discussed primarily over skype, facebook or specialized sites and discussion groups, but also available here.

I have a Master Degree in Human Rights Studies, as well as two Bachelor Degrees. One in Psychology, the other in Sexology. As of early 2015, I’m currently working on my second master degree, this time in Sociology.

My master thesis in Human Rights Studies is called “Categorization of Human Beings versus the Universality of Human Rights”. It can be found at: http://www.categorism.com

I am active in several organizations that fight against various forms of categorism and other dicanaism. Before I returned to the university world, I worked as a journalist specializing in computer games and Internet culture.


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